Welcome to Essations Pro

Essations is committed to developing its own professional lines of products.  We have developed many lines including the Classic Essations Collection, Sanity by Essations, Essations Tea Tree Collection and fan favorite Naked by Essations and Naked X Collections. 

We at Essations feel that we have put to use every bit of our experience, knowledge, research, etc. and are very excited due to the fact that our new Naked by Essations and Naked X product lines have generated much fanfare and expectations on behalf of our distributors.

Naked X

The Naked X Collection was formulated to provide a completely anti-bacterial system to support the safe and comfortable use of commercial hair. 

Naked by Essations

Indulge your natural or relaxed tresses in the hydrating care of honey and almond, and the strengthening properties of aloe and lanolin. 

Essations Collection

Our Essations Classic Collection provides relaxers, shampoos, conditioners and styling items that will moisturize, strengthen and reinforce hair strands from the inside and out.

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