About Us

Essations committed to developing its own professional line of products.  Later, the company launched the Naked by Essations line.  We at Essations feel that we have put to use every bit of our experience, knowledge, research, etc. and are very excited due to the fact that our new Naked product line has generated much fanfare and expectations on behalf of our distributors. 

Industry trailblazer and entrepreneur, Stephanie Luster, has made it her business to inspire others to use their platforms to walk in their purpose. If there is one thing she’s learned through her tragic experiences, it’s to use every opportunity you have to spread love and ignite passion every chance you get. Although she is based in the Chicagoland area, her reach spans internationally, having traveled all over the world educating stylists and consumers on one of the world’s most sought-after topics – hair. 
As President and Director of Education of the Essations family brand, Stephanie not only handles the day-to-day operations, she is also responsible for educating a team of stylists and professionals who work on behalf of the brand. With over 24 years of experience in the industry, Stephanie uses her expertise to propel the brand and stylists to the next level. “My experience with making products, including the chemical compounds and structure, plus my extensive knowledge of hair come together to make me an expert in the industry. I can analyze and understand both the product make up and the hair's potential reaction to it all at the same time. That's my edge.” Her passion for all things hair and chemical related fueled her for years, causing her to launch her own business the Summer of 2015. 
Stephanie’s resilient and motivational spirit is the foundation behind the success of Sophia Brandon Boutique Salon. It is here that Stephanie finds inspiration and touches the lives of so many through hair care and education. Operating in its third successful year, Sophia Brandon provides a luxurious and professional environment for clients to be serviced, while educating them or properly maintaining their hair between visits. The team of highly qualified stylists at the boutique salon attract clients across the Midwest, but the warm atmosphere, thought provoking conversations, and sense of family and belonging keep them coming back – even when they are not being serviced. 
The mom of two, Sophia and Brandon, loves spending time with her kids, dining out, traveling, and a good laugh. She is firm believer in God and accredits her success to her love and desire to grow closer to God each day. She is also a sports fanatic who knows football as if she played it. Stephanie looks forward to using her platform to continue motivating, educating, and mentoring others while building a legacy for her children.

Our Vision

To empower stylists by giving them knowledge about how to become an entrepreneur, education on new trends and techniques in the industry, and an arsenal of products that will allow them to provide healthy, yet very trendy and/or edgy hair styles to their clients.