Who We Are

Essations, Inc is a well established manufacturer of quality personal care products.   We opened our doors committed to our ethnic community.   Essations vowed to produce the best personal and hair care products marketed to the Black community. We spent years in research and development and were able to reach our goal of products unsurpassable in the marketplace.   We manufactured three different product lines—Curl System, Relaxer System, and Texturizer System--all under the Essations name. 

Our hard work and visionary concept has led us to re-vamping and extending the Essations line of products into a product line that meets the needs of every hair type.   As a result, we curated the Essations Classic Collection - Ultimate Solution for All Types of Hair.   This collection of products has something for every type of hair.   The Essations Classic Collection made us known for quality relaxers and styling agents such as spritz, gels, conditioners and pomades. Thus, the Essations Classic Collection has all of the right ingredients needed to pamper, strengthen, nurture, and enliven the hair of the end users. 

As our industry started shifting to a more natural approach to hair care, we decided to develop a line that satisfied the new standard. In 2010, we launched the Naked by Essations line. Infused with honey almond, the Naked products provide the moisture and nourishment that is needed for dryer, coarser hair. This line also offers new technology that provides a premium experience with chemical processes--time-released emollients in the Naked relaxer and the Naked Thermal Smoothing System that temporarily elongates the curl pattern and is completely formaldehyde-free.

We at Essations feel that we have put to use every bit of our experience, knowledge, research, etc. and are very excited due to the fact that our Naked product line has generated much fanfare and expectations on behalf of our clientele. The Naked line forged a new era of products that brought us a collaborative line with Patric Bradley to help stylists apply relaxers and color in the same day, as well as our latest addition the Naked X Extensions Care line that is created to help disinfect, deodorize and revive commercial hair. Essations, Inc. has adopted one standard only—high quality.   It has always been our mission to produce a high quality product for our professional community worldwide.  

We want our clients to have the very best personal care products available.  We believe that a good-looking head of hair adds confidence and self-esteem to an individual.   That is why we love what we do.   We believe that if a person looks good and feels good; it will give them the confidence to take on life's everyday challenges and greet life with an optimistic outlook.

Essations is owned and operated by siblings Stephanie, Stephen and Christal Luster. While the brand has been around for decades, pioneered by their father and mother Stephen and Josie Luster, the siblings and oldest sister Karen Luster (deceased 2016) started Essations, Inc in 2015.

Being a family business reinforces the legacy of excellence and quality that Stephen Luster, Sr. started out with in the 1980s. Everything Essations produces comes from a family who takes pride in supporting the community, small businesses and minorities in need. 

Stephanie Luster - President

Beauty industry trailblazer and entrepreneur, Stephanie Luster, has made it her business to inspire others to use their platforms to walk in their purpose. If there is one thing she’s learned through her tragic experiences, it’s to use every opportunity you have to spread love and ignite passion every chance you get. "Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, in everything give thanks; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you."  It is this very passage that Stephanie has held close to her heart through all of her difficult seasons, ultimately bringing her through countless trials.

From enduring the loss of those that were very close to her, to battling depression and enduring divorce, she has been tested in several tragic moments.  Each time she successfully made it through her hardships, she gained more strength to be able to help someone through their unique healing as well.  Out of her endured pain was birthed a passion for helping others, which has led to her actively becoming an able leader and a zealous volunteer, selflessly pouring out concern for the well-being of others. Although she is based in the Chicagoland area, her reach spans internationally, having traveled all over the world educating stylists and consumers on one of the world’s most sought-after topics – hair.

As President and Director of Education of the Essations, Inc. family brand, Stephanie not only handles the day-to-day operations, she is also responsible for educating a team of stylists and professionals who work on behalf of the brand. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, Stephanie uses her expertise to propel the brand and stylists to the next level. “My experience with making products, including the chemical compounds and structure, plus my extensive knowledge of hair come together to make me an expert in the industry. I can analyze and understand both the product make up and the hair's potential reaction to it all at the same time. That's my edge.” She works side-by-side with chemists and suppliers to develop, test, and manufacture products that promote healthy hair. In addition to product development, Stephanie has a passion for building industry leaders and is dedicated to sharing her expertise to assist stylists in reaching and maximizing their potential. She has worked relentlessly to develop several programs that not only reach back to up and coming stylists, but also assist veteran stylists with elevating their brands and increasing salon revenue. Her passion for all things hair fueled her for years, causing her to launch her own business the Summer of 2015. 

Stephanie’s resilient and motivational spirit is the foundation behind the success of Sophia Brandon Boutique Salon. It is here that Stephanie finds inspiration and touches the lives of so many; not only through hair care and education, but through her many philanthropic outreaches. Sophia Brandon not only serves as Stephanie’s salon base, but she uses it as a vehicle to provide free personal care services to those deserving through annual community events including, but not limited to: Mother's Day Makeovers, Prom & Graduation Styling, Annual Back-to-School Styling & Supply Giveaways. The salon also serves as a drop off center for philanthropic efforts sponsored by Essations, Inc. employees and supporters, spearheaded by Stephanie. These efforts include providing relief to victims of natural disasters, serving and providing supplies to the homeless, as well as donating to undeserved schools throughout the Midwest and sponsoring events committed to the growth, education, and empowerment of women. Through each effort, she believes that if she can share God's love with any one person involved, then the entire event was a success.

Operating in its fifth successful year, Sophia Brandon provides a luxurious and professional environment for clients to be serviced, while educating them on properly maintaining their hair between visits. The team of highly qualified stylists at the boutique salon attract clients across the Midwest, but the warm atmosphere, thought provoking conversations, and sense of family and belonging keep them coming back – even when they are not being serviced. Stephanie is diligent in providing education to her salon staff as well, being a firm believer that people thrive where they feel valued and have adequate resources. She prays with them, builds with them, supports their business endeavors, and motivates them to walk in their purpose and reach beyond the norm.

The mom of two, Sophia and Brandon, loves spending time with her kids and family, dining out, traveling, and a good laugh. She is a firm believer in God and accredits her success to her love and desire to grow closer to God each day. Her Southside Chicago roots hold a special place in her heart and she is dedicated to reaching back to ensure our communities have the tools needed to build successful leaders for generations to come. 2019 will mark the start of her non-profit organization designed to mentor, provide job training and resources, as well as professional and social development for young girls. Stephanie looks forward to using her platform to continue motivating, educating, and mentoring others while building a legacy for her children.   

Christal Luster Boynes - Director of Marketing & Online Sales

Christal Luster Boynes is the youngest member of the family and Essations’ leadership team. From youth, she’s had a passion for creativity. She graduated from Columbia College Chicago with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts, Entertainment and Media Management. After oldest sister Karen transitioned, Christal stepped up as Director of Marketing wherein she oversees the branding and marketing messages that help tell Essations’ story to the public.

Christal’s passion lies in helping people through a variety of creative measures. At Essations, she aims to lead the team in discovering effective ways to communicate with potential customers, helping them feel empowered, beautiful and confident in their hair care regimen.

Outside of Essations, Christal continues to pursue a life in the arts. She is CEO of Christal Clear Productions, LLC, a content creation company dedicated to helping small business owners develop amazing marketing content. In addition, Christal performs regularly on and off stage as a singer/songwriter, a published author and an actress (Gill Talent Group).   

Stephen Luster, Jr - Plant Manager & Director of Compounding

Stephen Luster, Jr is the third sibling in the family and has been the leading compounder for 20 years. Stephen plays an integral part in the success of Essations by leading his team in producing quality every product that goes into each container Essations manufactures. 

While Stephen has the responsibility of making sure our production stays in shape, he also embraces a love for keeping bodies and minds in shape. From youth, Stephen has had a passion for athletics. As a seasoned strength coach and skillful MMA fighter, he has built his brand over the years as a dedicated trainer and competitor. CEO of his own fitness coaching company, Stephen aims to help clients achieve mental and physical mastery.