Totally Naked Woman


Who is Naked by Essations?
So far, as a brand we have been known as sexy. Imagine a woman, sexy, curvy, slim waist, and the best extensions money can buy. But she has no personality. No ambition. No charisma. No sense of humor. No real connection…just a one night stand. Much like this woman, our brand has been alluring and enticing but not engaging enough to really build a meaningful relationship with consumers. That is, until now.The “Totally Naked Woman” campaign had a soft launch in October 2017. The objective of this campaign is to redefine the Naked brand from just being sexy and alluring to being the total package—intelligent, creative, successful, sexy, sophisticated, powerful, inspired, inspiring, fun, ambitious, resilient and charismatic. We want people to develop a passion for this brand, fueled by the ability to see reflections of themselves woven throughout our story. Let’s take off the masks! Let’s be vulnerable and authentic.
Let’s be boldly and powerfully NAKED.
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